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Minecraft-based English lessons ready for schools and teachers to apply in their classrooms.


Develop your Minecraft teaching skills

We offer professional development

for teachers and school managers in three levels. Learn more about how to play and apply Minecraft with students in our Beginner level course. If you have some experience with Minecraft learn how to implement Task-based Learning and Teaching with Minecraft with our intermediate course level. Or level it up by learning how to design Minecraft-based lessons with our Advanced Course!

Rose Bard

Rose Bard

Rose is an educational designer and EFL teacher with a B.A. in Education and an MSc in ICT applied in education. She has collaborated in various initiatives online and been integrating digital technologies in individual courses since 2008. She has been running MineAcademy English Club and teaching with Minecraft since 2020 remotely by applying TBLT and Project-based learning. Her current research focus is on best practices for teaching YLs online, especially when implementing immersive ludic environments and games.

Kathryn Kashitsyn

Kathryn Kashitsyn

Kathryn is an ESL/EFL teacher with over 12 years of experience in education and holds B.A. in Linguistics. Since 2015 she has been self-employed which provided her with an opportunity to join global educational projects and develop her own courses for different age groups of English learners. Her journey with Minecraft started in 2017 when she launched a summer club for YLs. Since then she has been uninterruptedly creating materials, worksheets, teacher's guides for Minecraft in education basing on principles of CLIL, PBL, TBL and GBL.

Lesson bundle

Lessons ready to be implemented in your school. The bundle includes Minecraft worlds, printable worksheets and teachers guide. For more information on how to purchase, contact us. Find out more about our program by clicking in the link below.